Field Value
Research agenda item DSTR.03
Short title Influence of ferrules on PDP resistance
Extended title Quantify difference in terminal resistance using multiple wire termination styles

Additional requirements

CTRE Power Distribution Panel terminations into WAGO spring clip (“CAGE CLAMP”) terminals are described as conducted to bare wire in CTRE docs. However, WAGO documentation allows for use of multiple types of ferrule and ferrule crimps. What is the actual electrical impact to teams of implementing ferrules?

Quantify difference in contact resistance (likely at or below micro-Ohm scale) between use of both medium and high strand-count bare wire, rectangular ferrules, and octagonal ferrules.

Identify and characterize a metric to describe “ease of use” - perhaps likelihood of flyaway strands - using the different methods of wire termination.


Quantify religious war


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Our recommendations to potential investigators, including:

  • Any suggested research methods
  • Any foreseen pitfalls of this research
  • Any suggested format for publication

Prior art

“Off record” conversations with CTRE & high level RIs indicate bare wire approach is superior. FRC 2767 has tested current carrying capability of various connectors popularly used in FRC, including the WAGO 221 compact splice connector. YouTuber Silver Cymbal has compared the WAGO 221 against wire nuts.